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Adria has supported women in transforming their lives for over a decade.  She specializes in working with self actualizing women; executives, experienced coaches, therapists, local and global leaders.  She is a specialist in transformative leadership.


I welcome you to the start of the most amazing journey in your life. No matter where you are on the path, my hope is that you will be open to surrender and connect with the deepest part of you. My intention is to stand with you and for you, creating a container for you to take on ALL that you feel called to be.

As a result of using this same process, Adria has:

  • Created a rich, beautiful single life while actively holding space for my beloved. I stand in a place of hope and fulfillment, knowing that all of Life is organizing around my success.

  • Attracted in amazing power partners. I am deeply committed to using Feminine Power to empower women, especially empowering women of color to heal from the traumas of racism.

  • Recently awarded the Feminine Power Outstanding Achievement award for 10 years of empowering women!

  • Became a deeply connected mother; raising 3 beautiful children who are aligned with their passions. I've created a legacy of health and wholeness for them; passing to them how they can be deeply connected with self, Life, and others; a legacy of aligning with what's calling you. It is a joy witnessing them.

Adria Jordan Kitchens, MBA, MAFM

Senior Certified Feminine Power Coach & Facilitator

Feminine Power Global Ambassador

Feminine Power Mentor Coach & Facilitator-In Training



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