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Updated: Aug 31, 2020

If this is happening now, that means we have all we need to see it through.

I am the mother of 3 beautiful children and I remember vividly bringing them into the world. Rushing to the hospital, everyone springs into action in response to the new life that is about to be born. The doctor, midwife, nurse, my children's father, the grandparents-me! It was the birthing hour and the baby was coming whether or not I was ready...whether or not I (or anyone else for that matter) was tired or exhausted...whether or not the nursery was ready.

Birth is one of the greatest joys and stresses we can experience. When it is time...tired or not, fatigued or not, we have no other choice except to do what we are called to do in that moment, and that is to have a baby. And yes I was tired and yes I was exhausted, and yes there were moments I did not think I would make it through, yet, I had access to every resource I needed when the time came. I was talking with my friend Darleen Wodzenski, founder of The Orchard Human Services, and she said when she was giving birth, she leaned into the pain and screamed at her children, "I love you!!" So the pain and stress of childbirth was transformed into the the fuel for manifestation.

"When you choose to view your stress response as helpful, you create the biology of courage." - Kelly McGonigal

So let's connect this to where we are in our world today. We are at a critical juncture. We are navigating unprecedented levels of stress from a worldwide pandemic, the constant assault of hate rhetoric, and bombarded by massive levels of information. And we are feeling called to stretch beyond ourselves and take a stand for our own lives and the lives of others.

What if we shift our perspective on our tiredness, our exhaustion, and our overwhelm. We have everything we need right now to bring into manifestation a world grounded in the care, humanity, equality and equity of every human life.

The time is now and we are the birthing generation. And if this is happening now, that means we have the power to see it through.

"As it turns out, the way you think about stress might be your best weapon in managing it.” - Paula Davis-Laack

The new science of stress tells us that our bodies have all the resources needed to handle the stress and stressors we experience. Our belief about how stress impacts us positively or negatively is critical to helping us manage it. Our bodies release oxytocin in response to stress. It relaxes blood vessels around the heart and repairs our bodies after stress to our system. The main stress hormone released during birth is oxytocin. So reframing our belief about the stress of our current circumstances creates the "biology of courage."

I recognize that we are feeling as if we have reached our capacity to hold all that is happening. The stress of what we are navigating can feel overwhelming. However, if we are here, at this this time...then we have all we need to journey through it.

Think of stress as a signal of meaning, not that you’re inadequate to the challenges in life. - Kelly McGonigal

It's the birthing hour and we are being called to the next step in our greatest unfolding as individuals, as communities, as human beings.

We can do this!


Adria Kitchens is a Certified Feminine Power Transformational Coach, Facilitator and Leader and mother of three amazing adult children living their passions in the world. She has been personally mentored by Dr. Claire Zammit, creator of Feminine Power and founder of Evolving Wisdom, for over a decade. She has a MBA, MAFM from Keller Graduate School of Management, a BA from Johns Hopkins University and is a native of and lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

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