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Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Transforming systemic racism to systemic love.

One of the most powerful aha's I've had since starting my own journey of becoming, is the power of naming. The power of naming my limiting beliefs; the power of naming my unique gifts; the power of naming my intersectional experience as a black woman; the power of naming white supremacy.

Naming is the release mechanism for our deepest fears and our greatest enlightenment.

As I continue on this journey of healing racism, I recognize even more deeply the importance of naming. This week as I was meeting with my Feminine Power sister and colleague, Lori McDaniel, we formed a collective intention question, "How do we transform racism to love?" Inside that question we came to transforming systemic racism to systemic love. And in that moment, the alignment of vision and hope shifted the atmosphere.

Ahhh....the power of naming:

1. Gives clear vision of where we desire to go and what to expect so we know we've arrived;

2. Helps us know what we need to pack and take with us along the path;

3. Let's us know how to make room for the unknown;

4. Helps us keep our eyes on the vision, when things get challenging;

5. Helps us make meaning of challenges we face, keeping us moving forward instead of getting us stuck;

6. Helps us give people clear directions on how they can support us on the journey;

7. Helps us learn to trust our inner compass.

"The use of love is to heal. When it flows without effort from the depth of the self, love creates health." - Deepak Chopra

What are the systemic characteristics of love?

1. Systemic equity - we meet everyone where they are and everyone receives what they need;

2. Systemic compassion, empathy, care, and kindness - allows us to engage inside our humanity;

3. Systemic Mindfulness - a moment by moment awareness self and staying present;

4. Systemic resilience and anti-fragility - capacity to respond to challenges and create something new;

5. Embodies a symbiotic relationship with ourselves, each other, and our earth;

6. Systemic health - Holistic approach to the wellness of all;

7. Systemic restoration and repair - reconciliation and restoration underlies our systems.


Adria Kitchens is a Certified Feminine Power Transformational Coach, Facilitator and Leader and mother of three amazing adult children living their passions in the world. She has been personally mentored by Dr. Claire Zammit, creator of Feminine Power and founder of Evolving Wisdom, for over a decade. She has a MBA, MAFM from Keller Graduate School of Management, a BA from Johhs Hopkins University and is a native of and lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

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