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I love HER Sisters Circle is a facilitated monthly 2-hour workshop meant to create a deeper connection with yourself, to experience true self care and well being, activate places where you are feeling stuck, and share and catalyze our collective wisdom.



I love HER Sisters Circle is a facilitated 2-hour monthly workshop created to be active, experiential, and embodied.  


I love HER  is about owning our destiny, deep connection, and collective contribution.

I love HER is about connecting with our own resilience as access to our greatness 


I love HER is a safe place to explore all the intersecting parts of you for you to be seen, welcomed, and accepted.


I love HER is about embodying our healing, power, strength NOW! 


I love HER is a community.  A space where we have conversations that matter.


I love HER is a time for thinking and activating creative leadership.

And I love HER says we are in this together.  I love HER embodies the collective spirit and connects us with the support, mirroring, and reflection we need to become ourselves fully.



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