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My 10 Books/Must See's to share for March!


The Sum of Us by Heather McGhee

The way Heather explores the cost of racism AND the solutions invite all of us to find a place where we can take action. I love this book!


God is a Black Woman by Dr. Christena Cleveland

Definitely worth the read. Dr. Cleveland's trek to visit the location of the Black Madonna's in her exploration of the Divine Black Feminine is profound.


Mary Magdalene Revealed by Meggan Watterson

If you haven't read this before...definitely a must read for an exploration of the divine feminine. 


Hidden Figures (again) on Disney Plus

This is one of my favorite movies! I love the story and the actors. And the uplift of ALL women!


Secretariat (again) on Disney Plus

Maybe I'm spending too much time watching Disney. I love this movie too. 


"The Ghost Among Us" on Spotify or Apple Podcast

The Ghost Among Us is a podcast dedicated to telling the lesser-known gost stories from a cultural standpoint. Two Atlanta Based sisters, Precious (our new External Relations Manager) and Kaiya, have been on the mission to research and document the creepy tales that need to be told most.


The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin

Wish I'd read this in high school like many others. My favorite quote, "The price of the liberation of the white people is the liberation of blacks. The total liberation."


Talk and Walk A Children's Guide to Racial Justice

Created and Developed by Terra Gay

Collaborative project of Atlanta Theatre community for kids to learn racial justice.  Check it out here.


Nollywood on Netflix

Ok I'm officially addicted to Nollywood.  I love watching people who look like me in acting, directing, writing engaging stories.  It's a unique experience.


Monk TV Series

Yes, I'm rewatching the series! It's one of my favorite shows. 

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