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13 Revolutionary Acts to Living our Black Feminine Destiny
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If you've walked through Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, you've most likely seen this beautiful sculpture called "Conversation" by Agnes Nyanhongo.  "Conversation" is said to "represent the importance of coming together to make things grow and change."  The curator says "Nyanhongo has expressed in their wonderful faces the compassion and silent strength of these women."

I've walked by this piece many times and it was only recently that I stopped and breathed in the essence of this piece-"silent strength."

Since I can remember, I have been passionate about the strength of women.  I have always had the innate sense of our power, our wisdom, our intelligence.  So imagine my confusion growing up in a culture and society that forces women to dim their light, limit their voices, and mask their strength. 

"Conversation" by Agnes Nyanhongo

I fell into step with the status quo, doing everything on my own, trying to be all things to everybody, overworking, overproducing all the while being depressed, exhausted, and sad inside.  But that was the one thing I could be proud of...that I was strong, that I survived, and that I was still here.


I spent years trying to be the strong black woman-masking my pain and hurt.  I also spent many years trying to live an invisible life, not shining my light, not sharing my thoughts, and not leading in my own home.


We, women, have a hard time making peace with the stereotypes and archetypes we’ve been forced inside of and being able to align our power and our strength with showing up in our fullest potential in the world.

I am no longer willing to watch intelligent, conscious and powerful women with courageous visions, women like you who crave to create big things, struggle in silence with exhaustion and hurt any longer.

As I look back, I can clearly see a path and practice I used to heal and to transform in a feminine way.  And I did it by embodying my feminine.

Inviting you on a journey with me, to access and activate our true black feminine, is my bold vision.  I want us to have lives where we are revolutionary in our healing, empowerment, and radiance.

Discovering the path to living your destiny in a way that empowers everyone around you and has you feeling like you are free from feeling the weight of the past is what I'm inviting you into.


If that appeals to you, then I would like you to consider joining my new True Black Feminine: 13 Revolutionary Acts to Living our Black Feminine Destiny   program.

If you are interested in hearing more about this program and the investment, please click the link to schedule a no-obligation session.  We will discover if the program is a fit for you and discover more about the investment and financing options.

Inspirational quote on blurred backgroun

"I am grateful to have been coached by Adria Kitchens on being able to take action in my projects. She is a genius at perceiving the truth that is unsaid by the other person. She is a gifted coach who creates transformation. She helped me believe in myself. She guided me to know I am capable to serve others. She coached me to find my power to be myself. I recommend Adria Kitchens strongly to anyone who has doubts on investing in a coach. Adria Kitchens walks her talk."

— Manon L.

beautiful young woman standing on beach,

"Thank you so much for your wonderful coaching guidance yesterday. I feel that I really made a breakthrough in achieving clarity about how to reclaim, own and share my gifts with other women. I was stuck for quite a while after experiencing burnout at work ..."

— Jane H.

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