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Designed especially for "women called to create big things."

 Do you ever sense there is something more calling you in the  world...a deeper purpose that is yours?


If so, then you are a woman who senses you are at a turning point in your life, and this is your time to contribute to our world?

You may also be feeling that you don't quite know the next step into your deeper purpose.

I love HER is designed especially for you, "a woman called to create big things" - brilliant, in touch with herself, and gifted.


Supporting you to align with your deepest desires, access and name beliefs that have been keeping you "stuck," and give you the power to embrace your most radiant self.


You will learn easy to apply tools to access your own creativity, embody your own purpose and calling, and strategize actions to manifest your own destiny contribution.


The person you sense you are on the inside will be congruent with the person you show to the world.

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True Black Feminine -Accessing the power and audacity to live your black feminine destiny.



A supportive space for women to share, relax, and connect.

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Starting with HER - begins with ME!

This 1:1 coaching program is designed to help you live your biggest life yet!  Meet me on zoom.



Join the podcast with Adria Kitchens & Tai Davis to: 

Activate your heart; 

enliven your Spirit;

and ignite your inner power.

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Connect with yourself, to experience true self care and well being, activate places you are feeling stuck, and catalyze collective wisdom.

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If you missed my newsletter...I'd love for you to read it here.

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Join us for conversations on racial equity, and connect with your neighbors locally and around the world.

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Institute for Equity



a program of Out of Hand Theater

Artivism, Community, and Transformation

The Institute for Equity Activism is for the person who wants to make a positive difference in their community or organization but currently may not have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to do so on their own.



Out of Hand



Theater where you are.

Out of Hand works at the intersection of art, social justice, and civic engagement. We spark conversations to build a better world by using the tools of theater to support and enhance the work of community partners.

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"Thank you so much for sharing your light, your wisdom and your valuable time with me today. I come away knowing we were meant to connect. I have and even greater sense of clarity and assuredness after our time together. I am grateful for you."

— Penelope W.

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"I want to thank you again for your loving support. You had a huge impact on my life, and I will forever be grateful for the hour we shared. I broke through another barrier!  Be well and thrive!"

— Eleanor C.